CDSP AHA System, HRSDC (Jan – Nov 2013)

In January 2013, Peter returned to CDSP (which had been migrated to an Oracle 11g R2 database platform) as the systems analysis, design and development lead for the PL/SQL portion of a new subsystem, called AHA, the purpose of which is to meet a set of very complex analysis and reporting requirements based on the 2012 federal budget.

  •  Within the disability savings program, there is an expectation that grants and bonds received will stay invested until the beneficiary has reached a specified age. Under certain circumstances, a beneficiary may make withdrawals from these investments ahead of schedule, but this can incur an obligation to repay part of the grants and bonds received.
  • The AHA sub-system provides CDSP program staff with the information and tools needed to estimate how much clients will be required to repay into the program in under various scenarios.

Peter performed a thorough and painstaking analysis of the business requirements, engaging in discussions with the business analysis team as necessary, before moving to technical system design and development. He worked closely throughout with the developer of the .NET user interface.

During this assignment, Peter was also tasked with oversight of the ongoing maintenance of the ETL process for the CDSP RDB data warehouse based on CDSP production data. This role also required him to act in a technical mentoring capacity.

08. February 2014 by Peter
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