DMS Rehost, NavCanada (Oct 2000 – Oct 2001)

DMS is an in-house NavCanada application used in the Air Traffic control system.  The goal of this project was to re-host DMS, migrating it from a character-based application hosted on a mainframe to an Oracle application with a graphical user interface including visual spatial representation  The database made use of Oracle Spatial (8i), data modelling was done in Designer 6i, and the user interface was done in Java and Oracle Forms 6i.  Peter’s role was to design and develop the Oracle Forms portion of the user interface.  This involved the creation of extensive specifications and design documentation; the building of several multi-tabbed forms; and the creation of a number of PL/SQL client-side libraries and server-side packages to support the forms.  The Oracle Forms application also featured an interface with Oracle Spatial for querying and creation of geospatial data, and interfaces with several Unix processes that were called from the Oracle Forms environment.

13. August 2012 by Peter
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