AMR Repository, DND (Dec 1999 – Sep 2000)

AMR is an acronym for Aircraft Maintenance Records. As part of the team for this DND Y2K data warehousing project, Peter was tasked with the delivery of a critical module to migrate aircraft utilization statistical data from Air Force bases across the country into the AMR data warehouse.  Peter also contributed to cleansing and normalization of incoming data.  He designed and wrote the data transfer process using Oracle Designer, created test plans, carried out code testing and documentation of the database process.  The data transfer and validation was accomplished using PL/SQL packages including dynamic SQL.  On this project Peter also oversaw the early phase of post-production support for the new system, including maintenance of database objects in Oracle Designer, and assisted the DBA with performance tuning of the new AMR database.

12. August 2012 by Peter
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