CDSP and CESG, HRSDC (Jan 2009 – Mar 2012)

The CDSP (Canadian Disability Savings Program) was introduced in the 2006 Federal budget, and Phase 2b of the batch process to process transactions is currently under development.  Phase One of the CDSP went into production in January 2009, and Peter was brought on board as part of the Production Support team. He served in this capacity through to the end of March 2010.  His work in this role involved analyzing and resolving bugs as well as implementing new requirements that were applicable to the phases of the project that were already in production.

In addition, Peter’s strong knowledge of SQL and PL/SQL were leveraged on several occasions to assist with performance tuning of the batch process for CESG, the Canada Education Savings Grant Program, and he delivered several performance-enhancing enhancements to this well-established system.

In May 2010, after a brief hiatus, Peter returned to the technical staff of the CDSP and CESG programs as a PL/SQL Developer and Designer, in the following roles

  • production support for CDSP (May 2010 – September 2010)
  • production support for CESG (May 2010 – March 2012)
  • Delivered a major upgrade to CESG (Shared Custody release, 5.10.0) as required by Federal Budget 2010.  This upgrade affected many aspects of the batch process as well as several forms used by the Settlement team.
  • Contributed in a design and development capacity to the development of the Carry Forward release (Phase 6) of CDSP, a major redesign to implement new features of the program in accordance with Federal Budget 2010.

21. August 2012 by Peter
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